Tips on Choosing the Right Brand for Your HDTV

High End Brands

High end HDTV brands are easily spotted as having an expensive tag price, brands such as SONY, SAMSUNG, PIONEER, and many more falls in this category. Yes, these HDTVs perform very well, and very durable too, they do not easily get damaged, very sturdy and that I think is their biggest attribution, well that’s because they’re also very expensive compared to other lower end brands. Their designs are also just right, modern, sleek, but not over the top stylish.


SONY is the largest seller of electronic appliances and has a very good reputation not only in the U.S. but also in the whole world. SONY’s HDTV ‘BRAVIA’ series is such a big hit. SONY is one of the leading brands that innovates and always introduces something new to the public; like their HDTV in ‘Full 3D’, no wonder SONY HDTVs are very expensive.


SAMSUNG on the other hand has many best seller HDTVs too because of special features being added to them constantly and the brand also has a very good reputation. Meanwhile, product brands such as; LG, SHARP, TOSHIBA, etc. you can be sure that you will find them very reliable with reasonable prices too.


But PANASONIC is the brand that stands out the most when it comes to televisions. They have held that position for a very long time. PANASONIC HDTVs are very affordable compared to other high end brands, very reliable and performs very well too. They also have many best seller models.

Even though these brands are well proven in the global market, their prices are, I think way too expensive and sooner or later their latest and newest models are again out of style. Their products usually drop to more than 50% off of its total price after 2-3 years of release.

Low End Brands

Some Chinese made HDTV brands are considered some of the cheapest. I just consider these low end brands because they are very cheap, I mean really cheap compared to brands listed above.

Popular Low End Brands

Some of the popular brands in this category includes; CHANGHONG, SANYO, PROMAC, etc. VIZIO is somewhat in the middle and many more. These brands are cheaper compared to brands listed above but they also perform just as well. And the reason I see to this is maybe because they want to compete in the international market by lowering their prices but not lowering the quality of their products.

Although a lot of people are saying that these brands are not as durable compared to high end brands, well that probably attributes to why their prices are so cheap. But I guess it’s all up to how you use a certain product, if you just know how to take good care of it then you will surely get the most out of it.

High end brands are proven in the global market and they are the brands that you should go for. But, if you’re planning to buy not just one HDTV, but one to put it in your living room, one in your bedroom, one in your kitchen or one at wherever you want to put it. It’s nice to try and buy different brands of HDTVs. Therefore you will personally differentiate their attributions. It doesn’t really matter if the HDTV is a high end or a low end brand. The important thing is that as long as the product looks good and you feel confident about it, that you are convinced that it is the right brand for you then, just go for it.

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